Workers’ Compensation Defense


We provide full-service representation in the defense of Workers' Compensation claims.  The New York State Workers' Compensation Board imposes stringent and short deadlines on insurance carriers.  The first requirement to ensure an aggressive and thorough defense for all pending claims is to meet all deadlines without exception.  Examples of such deadlines include, but are not limited to:

1.  Deadlines to controvert claims and preserve defenses.

2.  All IME reports.

3.  Responses to requests to vary from the Medical Treatment Guidelines.

4.  Deposition transcripts.

5.  Appeals.

While some firms simply attend hearings and then leave all of the above to you, our firm, with the carrier and/or client's authority, helps to ensure filing within these deadlines, easing the carrier's burden and preserving all applicable defenses.

We also schedule IMEs so that all examinations are timely scheduled and reports are exchanged pursuant to the strict and unforgiving Workers' Compensation Law and Regulations.  Since we have E-Case access, we can easily keep track of indexing dates, upcoming hearings, and any and all Judge-set deadlines.  This representation allows carriers and clients to have peace of mind when utilizing Malapero Prisco & Klauber's full service approach to the defense of Workers' Compensation matters.